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As a Director of Photography, I love working in different genres, styles and techniques. My vision is simple, I am a translator, an interpreter, and I materialize your vision and ideas. You come with a spark; I will turn it into fire. I understand the mood, tone and narrative; to design a visual structure that is just right and natural for the film. After reading the screenplay, I meet with the Director to discuss the visual style of the film.According to me the matter comes first and the look of the film is decided according to the subject.

After completing the Diploma in Cinematography from FTIO,I joined the film industry.Throughout my career as the Director of Photography on feature films and various television shows, I Have been honored with Gold Award,State Award,Taranga Award. My films are screened at many prestigious film festivals including Indian Panorama.Two films at Indian panorama in the same year 2010.With an experience of more than 10 years in the film industry I have worked with many Directors and with different Production Houses, and in all most all genres.

As a cinematographer I always try to follow the vision of my Director and take the technical responsibility of the film So that my Director can concentrate on his Creative Part.Having a working experience of more than 10years I have changed my working style and approach with the techniques and technology.

Sanjeev Mohapatra Diecror of Photography

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I always believe that “Change always clicks”. The equipment does not matter the person behind the equipment makes all difference.

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