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About Me

I have comfortably worked with all the latest equipments, Arriflex 435, Arriflex 3, Arriflex 16 SR3, Arri Alexa, Red One, Epic, Scarlet, Canon 5D,Panasinic HD, Sony HD, Digi Sony D50 & Sony D35 and I believe that, “the equipment is a factor which is important but it’s the person standing behind the equipment makes all difference. If he is great then he can do magic with the e given equipment"

As the technology changes every day I do keep updating my expertise to deal with the change. I constantly try to study the mind of my director to replicate his vision properly in the screen.

Director Of Photography for Released Films

Hindi feature film Maruti Mera doost. released on 2009. ( 16mm film with ARRI 16 SR 3 Camera.)

Feature film SwayamSidha. Released on 2010.(selected for Indian Panorama) ( ARRI 3 Cinemascope )

Hindi Short Film Court Room Nautanki released on 2010.(Selected for Indian Panorama) (ARRI 435 camera)

Director Of Photography for Films Under Production

Hindi feature film Tera Mera Teda Meda ( Canon 5D Camera with Zeiss lens)

Multi Laguaage film Bhaunri (ARRI 435 Camera )

Hindi feature film Kashish (the passion of love) ( Red Epic with Ultra Prime Lens )

Hindi feature film Rakth ( Arri Alexa)

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My Vision

I always believe that “Change always clicks”. The equipment does not matter the person behind the equipment makes all difference.

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Sanjeev Mohapatra.Omm Nivas,705,B-Wing,N.G.Park 3, Ashoban ,Rawalpada, Borivali(east),Maharastra.India.

Telephone: 022 28969152
MOB: +91 9324782682
Others: +91 9920996328